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Protect Our Future - Vote NO on the Recall

Election Day is less than a month away. While California is an environmental state, California is in danger of replacing Governor Gavin Newsom with a climate delayer at best or an extremist denier at worst. 

How? Because there is low public awareness that the recall election is even happening on Tuesday, September 14. According to a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, likely voters in the recall election are almost evenly split between keeping or recalling Governor Newsom. 

The good news is you don’t need to wait until Election Day to vote NO on Recall. Ballots are being mailed to registered voters across the state ahead of the election. In fact, you might have already received yours and can vote TODAY. 

Holding Senate Leaders Accountable for Climate Inaction

Recently, the International Panel on Climate Change recently released a report, calling on policymakers to act and reduce emissions so we can avoid catastrophic climate impacts. However, this year has been a “bloodbath” for climate legislation as “nearly every major environmental measure at the Capitol has been killed or shelved this session.” That’s why as lawmakers return to the Capitol, we launched a new ad campaign, “Climate Courage”, calling for Democratic leaders in the State Senate to stop delaying climate action.

AB 1395: How the state legislature can salvage climate action this year

We must ensure the passage of the most aggressive climate bill still alive this legislative session: Assembly Bill 1395, also known as the California Climate Crisis Act. AB 1395’s movement from the Senate Appropriations Committee to the Senate Floor is an important turnaround in the final weeks of the legislative session. This important climate protection legislation has overcome a major hurdle, and Senate leadership must continue to show Climate Courage by standing up to Big Oil interests as the bill goes to the Senate Floor.

Did You Know? Only 22% of California’s lands and waters are currently protected.

We can combat the climate crisis, conserve biodiversity, and boost climate resilience by conserving at least 30% of California’s lands and waters by 2030. Protecting 30% of it would allow for more equitable public access to outdoor spaces, especially for lower-income areas and communities of color who are three times more likely to lack immediate access to nature. With National Public Lands Day on September 25, make plans to enjoy our country’s greatest treasures, and stay tuned for ways to get involved. 

Vote NO, Fold, and GO! 

Confused about the California recall ballot? Easy: check out our TikTok to learn more about the ballot and what's at stake with the recall election on Tuesday, September 14.





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We believe that transformational change is necessary and only by transforming our political system will we create the opportunity to take bold action on climate change. We elect and cultivate environmental champions, turn election victories into policy wins, hold our lawmakers accountable, and build political power for change. We inspire hope and action and fight for equity and justice for all Californians. We are in the business of changing what’s possible.

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